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  Olof Dreijer (composer / producer)
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About the Clubber Stereo Fat Compressor

I have only one analog compressor: this one.
I use it for everything: tracking vocals, ducking, EQ in the side chain, mix bus.
Now I look forward to using it in a live set.

It's just great!

Christophe 'Daze' Dasen (deejay / producer)
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Ange Du Bizarre

About the Clubber Stereo Fat Compressor

I highly recommend the Huge Audio Clubber for both studio and live situations.
I use it to work separately on kicks, rhythm sections, loops and individual samples, or as an overall compressor/limiter to fine tune the dynamics of a whole track.
The bass frequencies are warm but really tight, the mid-range crisp and lively, and the highs are both shiny and super precise.
The whole thing sounds really solid and has boosted my home studio and live concerts to a new level.
Amazing punch.
You can play or deejay anything through it, even mp3s, it brings back some warmth and shine while staying precise and punchy.

A really fantastic tool for any electronic musician/producer.

  Sami Liuski (sound designer / producer)
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About the Clubber Stereo Fat Compressor

For a while I was looking for a Hi End compact compressor to use both in the studio and live.
I found it and sounds phenomenal.
The highs are crystal clear and the output transformers make the sound really creamy.
It just sounds good no matter which way you turn the knobs.
At extreme settings the sound doesn't break up like with plug-ins or other hardware compressors.
The mix always stays really natural and solid.
I have a lot of fun abusing it with high ratios and fast attack / release settings.
It really rides in a nice and musical way and it's so easy to get crazy textures !
For me the external sidechain is an absolute no brainer.
For parametric compression or pumping...
It's just the best I know. Wild!!!

Don't let the small size fool you, this thing sounds HUGE!